The Prince & The Proper

The Prince & The Proper

The Prince & The Proper is a passion project that began as creative outlet for Ramon Gomez-Rodriguez and Mark Anthony Reyes. They met while studying Studio Art at the University of California, Irvine and graduated to become the Creative Director and Web Director (respectively) for a fine stationery manutailer in Southern California. 

Each having over 15 years of experience in the stationery industry and exhibiting annually at the National Stationery Show, they combined their talents in styling and photography to enable graphic designers, illustrators, watercolor artists, calligraphers and hand-letterers like you to showcase their work on a variety of lifestyle mockup photographs. Ramon and Mark understand how time-consuming and costly it is to curate a luxe collection of props in addition to investing in proper camera and lighting equipment. They’ve done the heavy-lifting so you can focus on what you do best: create. 

Not only will these professional quality photos help you market your talent to your customers, but they will also help jumpstart your design process. Ramon and Mark have curated a premium collection of paper goods, hand-dyed textiles and unique accessories from their favorite artisans around the world. Each vendor is listed so that you can order products directly in order to fulfill your customers' projects. 


Ramon Gomez-Rodriguez

Ramon Gomez-Rodriguez

Ramon started his design career during freshman year in college, working at a local stationery shop between classes. He would consult with engaged couples and design their wedding ensembles using premium paper goods. After graduating, he transitioned from the retail side of the industry to the manufacturing side. As the lead designer turned Creative Director, he was responsible for producing, photographing and marketing wedding designs and sales tools to over 2000 wholesale accounts worldwide. Ramon was named one of Stationery Trends magazine's 10 Designers to Watch in 2014.

In the fall 2016, Ramon made a change to his personal Instagram account, elevating his aesthetic and his content to reach a wider audience. He truly embraced the concept of flatlay photography style as a means to feature found objects from local flea markets, thrift shops and antique stores. With a penchant for highlighting texture and finishes, his enviable collection of styling props grew quickly over the next few months. Now he combines his experience in graphic design, styling and photography to create these mockup photographs.

At some point along his Instagram journey, Ramon was nicknamed the “King of Flatlays”. Humbled but inspired, he took this moniker and transformed it into a play on words to conceive the business name “The Prince and The Proper.”



Mark Anthony Reyes

Mark Anthony Reyes

Mark started his design career during college, working at an online printing company in Orange County, California. His passion for art and design quickly grew and he cultivated his talents and business-oriented mind to launch philanthropic organizations including Viva la Art and Project Transparency.

A jack of all trades, Mark is a creative professional with over 15 years of experience in brand development, project management, print media and web user-interface design. He has a strong eye for composition and an aptitude for design, photography and videography. He contributes his instinctive knowledge of appealing and effective design, dynamic and cohesive storytelling, as well as a solid understanding of photography and lighting. 

Though he’s usually behind the scenes on social media, he keeps a watchful eye on new photography styles and techniques, and brings an elevated aesthetic to The Prince and The Proper.

The Spanish word “Reyes” translates into “Kings,” making this brand’s name a proper fit for the fruit of his labor as well.